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Sustainable development requires a policy framework as well as cooperation: In order to be able to trigger effective impulses, international cooperation depends on a political framework conducive to sustainable development as outlined in the UN’s 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.
© Martin Bichsel

Development processes are largely shaped by political, economic and social conditions at all levels. Policy coherence is absolutely essential: without concerted efforts towards sustainable development in a wide range of policy areas, change can only be spotty, limited to isolated cases at best.

The world needs global domestic policy

When problems and crises go global, policy making needs to go global too in the search for effective solutions. Overcoming poverty, exclusion and inequality, preserving our planet and forming a sustainable economy are interdependent. This results in joint responsibility and requires a world domestic policy based on international agreements.

Switzerland in particular, which owes its wealth in large part to its global financial and economic relations, has a responsibility to take political action in the implementation of the UN 2030 Agenda by adopting the appropriate policy measures to that end.

Our commitment to policy and dialog

As a development organization, Helvetas actively advocates for fair international framework conditions. In Switzerland, in developing countries and in the international arena, Helvetas engages in policy advice and dialog as well as lobbying and campaigning. Our development policy activities are addressed to governments, the private sector and civil-society organizations.

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