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Thimphu – 14. July 2019

Request For Proposals

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Helvetas Bhutan invites proposals from eligible Bhutanese individual,firms or CSOs to carry out the following studies as part of project Support to Civil Society in Bhutan: (1) “Assessment Study on the current status of civil society and their contribution to sustainable development & governance in Bhutan” (2) “Review of the Capacity Development Plan”

The proposal must contain the following;

  1. Brief background on Assignment
  2. Literature review on Assignment
  3. Proposed approach and methodology to achieve outcome of Assignment as per ToR
  4. CVs of Lead Consultant and others team members
  5. Relevant services carried out in last 5 years
  6. Financial Bid as indicated in ToR

The last date for submission of bids is 25th July, by 3.00 PM BST. The proposals will be opened on same day at 3.30 PM.

For further information, contact Project Manager, Helvetas Country Office, Bhutan, Thimphu at 02-322870/327103 

Sealed bids should be addressed to;
The Country Director
HELVETAS Swiss Intercooperation
P.O. Box 157, Dungkar Lam
Lower Motithang, Thimphu – 11001

Only selected firms will be contacted.