David Streiff

Advisor Evaluation & Learning
David Streiff, MSc

David Streiff, MSc in Geography from the University of Bern, has worked in Helvetas’ Learning & Innovation team since July 2022, and in the development sector since 2018 with multiple NGOs, who are all part of the Alliance 2015.  Furthermore, David brings practical experience working in the humanitarian sector in a high-risk country. David is specialized in setting up digital monitoring systems for projects, leads and manages evaluations, carries out needs assessments as well as advises projects on how to use findings from quantitative and qualitative data collection. Having worked abroad for several years (Kenya, Philippines, South Sudan), he is well placed to understand the needs of national colleagues and to advise them adequately. For David, a good M&E system is key to assess whether projects are moving in the right direction and really meet the needs of the primary stakeholders. Especially in environments where financial measures are not the key drivers, a results-based approach (e.g. results-based management) for successful project implementation and development is in David’s opinion indispensable.