Helvetas Bangladesh is a non-profit membership association, and part of an international network of independent Helvetas member organisations working in the field of development cooperation. It is present in about 30 countries in Africa, Asia, Latin America, and Eastern Europe. Helvetas which originated from the merger with Intercooperation in 2011 has been active in Bangladesh since 2000. Our vision is a just and peaceful world in which all human beings live in a self-determined way in dignity and safety, are able to satisfy their basic needs, have access to indispensable resources and services, and take care of the environment. Working areas and thematic competences of Helvetas in Bangladesh are in particular: Sustainable and Inclusive Economies; Skills Development; Governance and Peace (incl. Migration), Environment and Climate Change.

With the objective of mitigating the negative impacts and risks related to labour migration and maximizing its benefits, Helvetas implements the Strengthened and Informative Migration System (SIMS) project, mandated by SDC. The impact of SIMS project is to improve the well-being of migrants, particularly marginalized men and women, through safer migration practices and strengthened service delivery from both public and private actors.

Helvetas together with local partner organizations (both migration related NGO and Legal Aid NGOs) implement interventions focusing on enhanced information and awareness of migrants and their families at home, improved quality, and enhanced outreach of service delivery to migrants and their families and greater resilience of migrants and family members through effective use of remittances.

Project Beneficiaries: Aspirant migrants, family members left behind, with a focus on women and adolescent girls and boys, family members left behind include the head of household are the key beneficiaries.

Objectives of Consultancy: The objective of the specific assignment is to developing Training Manuals and Guideline for Project Staffs and GMC Members [comprehensive capacity building manual/ communication materials – a) Training Manual for Project Staff Training (ToT) on Facilitation, ADR mechanism and GMC; b) Training Manual for the GMC Members basic training on ADR mechanism and functions of GMC and c) a Guideline for the GMC members for functioning their role and facilitate mediation.] The assignment includes facilitation of relevant sessions in both staff and GMC members capacity building activities.

Therefor the project seeks Expressions of Interest (EoI) of experienced & reputed Consultants/ Consultant Firms, Organizations or NGOs to conduct the assignment. The interested bidder can download the ToR (including annex) given below:

ToR for SIMS GMC Training Manual & Guideline Development

Annex A

Interested and qualified bidders are requested to submit their EoI on or before 5 pm BST on 30 June 2021 electronically to recruitmentbd@helvetas.org.