Skills Development and Education

Education is a key factor for empowerment and improved access to (self-) employment. One out of seven of the young people is still without employment. Especially challenging is the fact that the number of young job entrants is even expected to grow in the coming years. Ensuring that young people have access to a high-quality professional education is an indispensable element of poverty eradication and reduces violence and crime by young people. Therefore, the Skills Development and Education Team of HELVETAS Swiss Intercooperation focuses on thematic advice in the fields of vocational skills development and basic education for our own programmes as well as for external clients. We support vocational skills programmes in their aim to reach demand oriented practical skills training which leads to gainful self-employment or wage employment, to enhance the training quality and its effectiveness and to reach systemic changes in vocational education systems. In basic education, our thematic advice focuses mainly on quality improvement and enhancement of education opportunities.

Therefore, we support programmes in teacher education and training, including introduction of learner-centered methods and curriculum development, and in numeracy and literacy for adults. In addition, we also offer support in strengthening the crucial linkage between basic education and vocational skills training, e.g. by including literacy and numeracy in vocational training programmes.


  • TVET system development
  • TVET qualification framework
  • Skills development in rural areas using Local Skills
  • Development Approach
  • Training Fund Management
  • Tracer studies in TVET/skills development programmes
  • Market-orientation and employability in TVET/skills development
  • Outcome based financing of training
  • Training of trainers and coaching
  • Teacher education and training
  • Learner-centred didactic approaches
  • Participatory curriculum development
  • School management and administration
  • Design & Planning Project and programme planning; strategic planning; feasibility studies; assessments
    Capacity Development & Backstopping Project and programme backstopping; development of training manuals and material; development of innovative tools; facilitation of thematic workshops; coaching; trainings; capitalisation of experiences; knowledge management tools and platforms
    Monitoring & Evaluation Monitoring systems; mid-term reviews; end evaluations; impact assessments  
  • Mandate EU-Project: Backstopping missions of programme “Vocational Skills Training in the Informal Sector” in Nepal. Topics included tracer studies, training quality, financial sustainability, programme set-up and modifications, market orientation and employability, market assessment.

    HELVETAS Swiss Intercooperation project: Support to the programme “Quality Education through the Expert Teacher System” in Tanzania. Topics included training assessment, quality of training and didactical approaches, support in acquisition, regional and thematic extension of programme.

    SDC/World Bank: Backstopping and coordination of the programme “Support of Teacher Education”, Bhutan.

    HELVETAS: Organisation of international thematic workshops in education in Kyrgyzstan and Nepal. Support in planning and implementing tracer studies in own and other programmes. Planning mission for a new local skills development project in rural areas, Kosovo.

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  • Bettina Jenny

    Team Leader Education and Skills Development To profile
  • Winfried Heusinger

    Senior Advisor in Vocational Education and Training To profile
  • Katharina Walker

    Advisor for Skills Development To profile
  • Isabel Baier

    Team Assistant Water & Infrastructure and Skills Development & Education