Capacity and Human Resource Development

Helvetas recognises Capacity development as a process that helps unleash, strengthen and maintain the capacities of people, organizations and societies over time. Capacity encompasses both the 'hard skills', specific technical or specialized knowledge and know-how (such as finance or infrastructure) and 'soft skills' (communication, leadership, etc.) that enable us to carry out our functions and achieve our development objectives. It contributes to broader access to resources, markets and services and enables people and societies to demand their rights and participate in political and social processes.

Capacity Development is a process of change, and hence is about managing transformations. It is about empowerment and complex learning, adaptation and attitudinal change.

Human resource development is the process by which individuals gain the motivation, understanding, skills, information and knowledge that enables them to perform effectively. This can be through training, peer to peer support, coaching and mentoring.

In the strategy period of 2013 to 2017, HELVETAS Swiss Intercooperation shall have a renewed focus on building the capacities of its collaborators, teams and partners. We aim at systematically integrating capacity development measures and budgets within our partnership agreements, strengthen the core competencies of HELVETAS Swiss Intercooperation, clarify career perspectives and strengthen employability of national and international collaborators. These shall be the core elements of both our HRD policies as well as partnership strategies.