Transversal Topics

Gender & Social Equity

Bangladesh, Place: Chelachara Jowtha Khamar
Man and woman harvesting potatoes
At HELVETAS Swiss Intercooperation, we not only strive to promote broadly beneficial development, but we also seek to work specifically with the most disadvantaged individuals and groups living in our partner countries. It is for this reason that gender equality and social equity is a cross-cutting theme in our organisation.

Learning and Innovation

Development depends on the behaviour of a wide range of actors who influence each other in a variety of ways. This influence leads to results which cannot be fully predicted or controlled. Under such circumstances, we need to effectively learn and innovate on an ongoing basis.

Capacity Development

Helvetas recognises Capacity development as a process that helps unleash, strengthen and maintain the capacities of people, organizations and societies over time. Capacity encompasses both the 'hard skills', specific technical or specialized knowledge and know-how and 'soft skills' that enable us to carry out our functions and achieve our development objectives.