Project list

A Bridge for the People of Kumpur

HELVETAS Germany builds a bridge for the people of Kumpur. Thanks to this bridge, all villagers will have a better access to nearby markets and health centers. Because the trail bridge allows for crossing with motorbikes and animals, ...

Using sunlight to purify water in Vietnam

Many infants in Vietnam die of diarrhoeal diseases, while older children and adults also suffer from them. The main cause is contaminated drinking water. And yet there is a very simple method for ridding water of germs – and it uses ...

Water for healthy schools and safe births in Benin

Having to bring the water you need for childbirth to the maternity with you? That used to be a common practice at the Sirarou maternity ward until three years ago. Now there is a well that supplies the maternity and the nearby school ...

How latrines became a status symbol in Nepal

The inhabitants of Ghanteshwor in western Nepal are proud of their village, for it has as many toilets as houses. For the villagers this means they can live in dignity and good health; for the latrine-builders, it means a secure ...

Clean water and healthy schools in Guatemala

In the highlands of Guatemala, HELVETAS is building wells, small piped networks and latrines. It also trains local water committees responsible for operation and maintainence of the systems. The project focuses on rural communities ...

Improving livelihood strategies in Pakistan

The Livelihood Programme supports rural households in improving their livelihood strategies based on their potentials. Furthermore it aims to reduce their vulnerabilities caused by various factors such as natural disasters.