Project list

KUWAKI - Women as small-scale entrepreneurs

KUWAKI is an abbreviation for KUWEZEHA WANAWAKE KATIKA KILIMO which means ´Women empowerment through irrigated vegetable production and marketing`. Besides women, the project emphasizes the inclusion of other disadvantaged groups like ...

Strengthening the school system in 14 municipalities in Sikasso

Mali is one of the poorest countries in the world. Access to education is still a big problem and especially girls often cannot attend school. Because of this, HELVETAS improves the educational system.

Water for healthy schools and safe births in Benin

Having to bring the water you need for childbirth to the maternity with you? That used to be a common practice at the Sirarou maternity ward until three years ago. Now there is a well that supplies the maternity and the nearby school ...

Basic education as a sustainable investment in Mali

Over half of Malian children do not complete their primary education. Girls in particular often stop going to school after a few years. By offering bridging arrangements for basic schooling and vocational training, HELVETAS gives ...

Organic Cotton Programme in Burkina Faso

After several years of support, organic and fair cotton production and marketing is well developed in Burkina Faso. Three ongoing projects strengthen the economic and institutional sustainability of the value chain actors and generate ...