Access to water for agricultural production of rural families in Bolivia

The project called CONCERTAR deals with the management of water resources for agricultural production in 150 Bolivian municipalities, covering 45% of Bolivia. Since 2007, it supports local actors to establish agreements amongst themselves for better use of their natural resources, particularly water.
In Bolivia, water is a limiting factor for agricultural production. Finding efficient and participative solutions for its sustainable management involves a range of actors from different sectors such as agriculture, livestock, forestry and water. Municipality association are well positioned to facilitate the dialogue between these different actors and to develop inter-sectorial interventions that cover extensive areas and as such have a larger impact.

The project provides technical assistance to the formulation and implementation of supra-municipal initiatives related to water management. This is presently done through 18 associations of municipalities in participatory processes with farmers, indigenous groups, local and regional authorities and local NGOs. Moreover, it promotes coordination between different levels of government to link policies to local needs and to generate new ones based on the local experience.

To achieve greater impact, the project encourages and facilitates alliances with the private sector, national programmes and other international cooperation; it has been able to leverage additional funds, quadrupling amounts available for supra-municipal initiatives. All these actions are leading to at least 1000 additional hectares under irrigation and improved agricultural production (Andean grains, vegetables peaches, nuts, alpacas and llamas) of 25000 rural families, serving for both household consumption and sale. As a result, the revenues of 20’000 rural families are being increased in a sustainable way.

This is a project mandate implemented on behalf of SDC

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