Work, at last, thanks to practical training in Nepal

Many young people in Nepal have no professional or vocational training and therefore cannot find remunerative employment. Short, practice-oriented training courses and support for setting up their own business helps young people to gain a foothold in the world of work.
Every year about half a million young people pour out into the job market in Nepal. They often have few qualifications, even though these are crucial for finding work or getting off to a good start when self-employed. That is why HELVETAS Swiss Intercooperation has been active in developing short, practice-oriented vocational training courses for the last four years with the help of SDC, the UK development agency DFID and the World Bank. The emphasis is on practical orientation right from the start. From the very first days, trainee hairdressers wash hair and cut off ends, embroiderers practise different types of embroidery and future electricians install simple cables. The training courses also include legal and health issues such as life skills and HIV/AIDS.

The courses are not held in large centralised training centres but are instead mobile – taking place in community centres or factories, for example – and go to areas where job opportunities exist. The job prospects in each professional sector are continually updated and the range of courses adapted accordingly. The programme focuses on extremely disadvantaged people, especially women. Between 15,000 and 20,000 people complete a training course every year and about 80% of the young trainees find a job or set up their own business within a few months following the course. Along with the practical relevance of the training, another crucial factor is close assistance in looking for a job or for start an enterprise. This is an integral part of the training scheme, for the local training providers commissioned by Helvetas only receive the full payment only after the trainees have gained a foothold in the world of work.

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project impact

100,000 About 100,000 apprentices, women and men, successfully completed a vocational education from 2008 to 2015.


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