Kumpur Trisuli Bridge

A bridge is more than a safe way to the other side of the river. For the local citizens it also implies a bridge into a better future: Children can reach their school safely, families will reach the next hospital faster and small scale farmers can sell their perishable products on the local market. Helvetas supports the people of Kumpur with a new bridge...
Since 1972, Helvetas - in cooperation with the local authorities, the Government of Nepal and with financial assistance from the Swiss Development Cooperation (SDC) - has a trail bridge programme in Nepal. Until today, over 5.500 suspension bridges have been built. In 2013 the broadcasting channel ARTE showed a documentary about the most dangerous school trails in the world. In one of them, ARTE describes the problems of Nepalese children in Kumpur village, who have to cross the river with a tightrope. Conquering the Trisuli river is very dangerous; resulting sometimes even in accidents. The documentary sparked off interest and support from private donors wishing to support the villagers. As a consequence, Helvetas coordinated with the Government of Nepal building a safe suspension bridge.

Through this project, a 155 meter long trail bridge will be constructed, so that the children of Kumpur can reach their school easier and safer than before.

Due to the heavy earthquakes in April 2015, the construction works for the bridge couldn’t start as expected. During this time, Helvetas focused on helping the victims of the earthquake through humanitarian aid. Finally, in February 2016, the building enterprise 'DUKK Sagar Construction JV' was contracted by the District Development Committee of Dhading with the construction of the Kumpur Trisuli suspension bridge.

Thanks to the new bridge, all villagers will have a better access to nearby markets and health centers. Because the trail bridge allows for crossing with motorbikes and animals, this project will have positive impact on the local economy as well.