Grass Root Democracy in Mountainous Areas of Vietnam

Based on the success of previous projects and programs promoting the greater decentralization of planning and financial responsibilities to commune level and improving public service delivery in ARD, the Public Service Provision Improvement Program in Agriculture and Rural Development (PSARD) was designed to mainstream and up-scale successfully piloted mechanisms and methods to become province-wide standards.
PSARD support focused on two core pillars: i) strengthening the commune level in participatory socio-economic development planning (SEDP) and decentralized financial management; and ii) developing capacities of the public service delivery system in ARD to become more effective and responsive to farmers’ requirements.

The project’s objective is to contribute to province- and district-wide mainstreaming of participatory local planning, financial decentralization and improved public service delivery in agriculture, in order to reduce poverty and improve livelihoods in disadvantaged areas.

To be more specific, the intervention by the project includes:
  • Development of Social Economic Development Planning (SEDP) processes and guidelines as well as building capacity in participatory planning at all levels. The object is that comprehensive and need-based Commune and District SEDP is a province-wide standard and binding for all local development activities;
  • Capacity building in financial management at all levels, and in particular at commune level. This increases the ability of communes to become investment owners for decentralized state budgets.
  • Support for public services in agriculture: the extension system, plant protection, veterinary service and irrigation.

This is a project mandate implemented on behalf of SDC.

project impact


people have been involved in key project activities since the project commenced in 2011.

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