BioTrade Initiative in Vietnam

Vietnam has a large resource of natural ingredients. Consumers increasingly demand for BioTrade products from Vietnam. These can be used as raw materials for the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food industries.
The supply of Vietnams natural ingredients is dwindling and the country has to import large volumes of raw materials - though many of those plants species are available in Vietnam. In addition, increasing national and international demand for good quality phyto-pharmaceutical products amplifies the trend towards a decreasing resource base. The Government of Vietnam is well aware of it and is in the process of adapting its legal framework for sustainable resource management.
With this project, Helvetas wants to upscale the sustainable Ethical Biotrade (EBT) business model to the natural ingredient sector of Vietnam so that the country becomes an internationally recognized supplier of natural ingredients to phyto-pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food supplement industries.
The Action is implemented by Helvetas and the Center for Rural Economy Development (CRED). Helvetas is responsible for managing the project while CRED acts as facilitator, coach and provider of technical and methodological competence. Helvetas is working together with different project partners. These are 12 small and medium sized phyto- pharmaceutical enterprises, the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Science and Technology and the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment.
Vietnamese phyto-pharmaceutical enterprises supply national and international markets with EBT products. They will expand their BioTrade business, reduce their environmental footprint and improve their working conditions. Consumers increasingly demand for BioTrade products from Vietnam. Finally, more than 5.000 smallholder farmers increase their livelihoods through EBT value chains and stable supplies to EBT enterprises. An enabling policy and regulatory framework for BioTrade initiatives is stimulating the sustainable growth of the phyto-pharmaceutical sector in Vietnam.