Quality Education through Expert Teachers System (QUEETS ) in Tanzania

An expert teacher system has been built up with the Tanzanian Teacher Union to enhance the quality of primary education. The Skills Development and Education team gives advice regarding training set-up, teaching material, monitoring instruments and cooperation with education authorities.
According to UNESCO (2010), one important reason for the continuously low quality of education is the fact that the improvement of teacher training and education has been neglected. Therefore, the Tanzanian Teacher Union (TTU), strongly supported by HELVETAS Swiss Intercooperation, offers a comprehensive, short-term teacher training programme for expert teachers to improve the quality of primary education in English Language, Education for Sustainable Development, Mathematics and Natural Science in three regions. In addition, the programme aims at making adequate teaching materials available and at incorporating the educational authorities in the efforts of improving four core competences at primary school level. Overall, more than half a million pupils should indirectly profit from the project.
The Skills Development and Education team has an advisory mandate for this project to support it with expertise in teacher training and basic education. Up to now, support has been given in different topics:
  • Advice for improvement of training set-up and content
  • Assessment of teaching and learning material together with key stakeholders
  • Organisation of a monitoring workshop for local authorities monitoring the quality at school level, and adaptation of a monitoring tool
  • Enhancement of cooperation with local and national education authorities
  • Development of strategies for project extension

project impacts

125,202 The number of pupils who participated in basic education in a school or institution supported by HELVETAS Swiss Intercooperation or partner organisation in 2016.

More information

QUEETS has the objective to improve remarkably the quality of primary education in the core subjects with low students' performance in English, Mathematics, Natural science and education for sustainable development subjects. The programme concentrates in 3 regions in the North of Tanzania; Arusha, Manyara, Kilimanjaro. The Tanzania Teachers Union (TTU) is the implementing partner of HELVETAS Swiss Intercooperation for QUEETS.


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