Improving livelihoods and local governance in Madagascar

After over twenty years of support to communes and civil society organisations, local resiliance of the local population is gradually built up and development actors are strengthened in playing their role in the development process. Development is still a long road to go for the marginalised families supported by Commune Münsingen in Madagascar.
Commune Münsingen has supported a development programme in Madagascar over twenty years. It is financed by its citizens, together with the Swiss Development Cooperation (SDC), the solidart’eau suisse platform and the catholic churches in the commune. Since 2001, HELVETAS Swiss Intercooperation is managing this programme.

The programme follows a demand-based approach and supports its implementing partners with a long term perspective to improve the living conditions of their target populations and pursuing good local governance.

It implements activities in different sectors: Water, Sanitation and Hygiene, Local Economic Development, Education, and Local Governance. Its activities integrate transversal themes like gender and social equity, environmental protection and sustainable development, as well as the reduction of HIV/AIDS. The programme works with a budget of about CHF 200,000 per year and its current phase will last till 2015.

Ten communes in three regions: Bongolava, Analamanga and Vakinankaratra, and three NGOs are the implementing partners of the programme.

HELVETAS Swiss Intercooperation supports its partners in the programme to implement activities of high quality and in a sustainable way. In 2013, the programme gives extra attention to the development of promising value chains which benefit especially disadvantaged households. It facilitates the set up of systems for payment of water services and good maintenance in order to improve sustainable access to water services benefitting both a better health and the agricultural production, with special attention to gender issues. Strengthening the resilience of local communities for the effects of climate change is a new point of attention.

Helvetas Madagascar

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