Environment and Climate Change

Natural Resource Management
Sustainable management and conservation of land, forests, water-sheds and ecological diversity.
Climate Change
Enhancing communities’ capacity to adapt to climate change. Renewable energy and pro-poor climate change mitigation. 
Disaster Risk Management
Building capacities to prepare for and to deal with natural disasters. Reducing risks, making people and societies more resilient.

Skills Development & Education

Basic Education
Basic education for children, youth and adults. Trained teachers, improved curricula and teaching materials.
Vocational Education
Vocational skills development for farming, forestry and other crafts to generate employment and income.

Governance and Peace

Governance and Peace
Civil society, state and human rights as a basis for security and human dignity. Decentralisation for greater democracy. Social inclusion and a greater voice for the disadvantaged to be heard.
Conflict Transformation
Conflict prevention and transformation for people to live together in peace.
Information and skills for safe migration and reintegration of migrants. Productive use of remittances for development.
Cultural exchange for inspiration and dialogue.

Water and infrastructure

Water & Sanitation
Sustainable water supply, sanitation and hygiene services to improve people’s health and dignity.
Water for Food
Water for Food: Irrigation and efficient use of water for more crop per drop.
Rural Access
Bridges, roads and trails for access to ideas, services and markets.

Rural Economy

Sustainable Agriculture
Diversified, productive and resilient agricultural systems that provide a basis for food security and income while safeguarding natural resources and mitigating climate change.
Market Systems
Market systems that provide poor and disadvantaged people with reliable access to quality services and markets for improved income and employment opportunities. 

Knowledge and Learning

Foster collaboration, respect diversity, and promote state-of-the-art development practice by building capacities at individual, team and organisation levels.

Publications about Helvetas

Documents about our Organisation
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