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Skills Development and Education

Enhancing education opportunities and providing practical vocational skills to the poor and disadvantaged is one of Helvetas’ priorities.
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Lack of education perpetuates inequality because poor countries cannot compete economically without a skilled workforce.  Annually, we help up to 200,000 people get better access to quality schools, literacy courses, and vocational education and training.

Why skills development and education matter

Poor parents cannot send their kids to school. Restricted access to education is one of the main reasons why poverty is passed on from generation to generation.

Not only does education boost income, it also increases a person’s chances for a healthy life, promotes peace, and encourages gender equality. Basic schooling and professional skills development foster an active civil society, spur innovation, and promote long-term economic development.

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«Children learn a lot about botany and environmental protection in our newly created school garden. And together we have built up a school library.»

Anthony Marloa, teacher, Dumbeta village, Arusha region, Tanzania

Our work

Helvetas supports vocational schools that teach practical and market-oriented skills to young people in developing countries. In basic education we focus on training teachers, promoting effective teaching methods, and helping out-of-school children catch up on learning.

In the past five years, more than 800,000 children, teenagers, and adults have attended primary or secondary schools, literacy courses or vocational trainings with the help of Helvetas.

Our Expertise and Services

Our multilingual Skills Development and Education team provides advice in the fields of vocational skills development and basic education for to the programs of Helvetas as well as to external clients.

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Multimedia Story: Yezina Overcomes Every Hurdle

Yezina will not let her disability get in the way: she wants to be a successful tailor who carries her life in her own hands. Have a look at our portrait.

Selected Projects: Skills Development and Education

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Mozambique Skills Development and Education

Training for the Real Working World

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Bhutan Skills Development and Education

Building Trades with a Future for Young Men and Women

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Kosovo Skills Development and Education

Jobs for Young People

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Benin Skills Development and Education

Making Up Lost Years of School

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Ethiopia Skills Development and Education

Know-How and Skills for Young Tradespeople

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Nepal Skills Development and Education

Safer Houses, and Skills for Future Employment

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Kyrgyzstan Skills Development and Education

Green Skills Training in Rural Areas Project

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Kosovo Skills Development and Education

Matching Skills with Demand in the Labor Market

Macedonia Skills Development and Education

Market-Oriented Education for a Prosperous Society

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Kyrgyzstan Skills Development and Education

Providing the Local Industry With Professionals

Vietnam Partnership and Capacity Development

Value Chain Capacity Building Network

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India Environment and Climate Change

Strengthening State Strategies for Climate Actions

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Bhutan Skills Development and Education

Skilling the Bhutanese youth for the construction market