Emergency Response to Tropical Storm Ana

  • Project Name
    Emergency Response to Tropical Storm Ana on WASH in Southern Nampula
  • Project Phase
  • Funding
    Swiss Solidarity and UNICEF
  • Thematic focus
    WASH & Water Governance
    Humanitarian Response

The project responds to the devastation caused by tropical storm Ana, which hit Northern Mozambique on January 24, 2022. The storm has affected 141,483 people, destroyed more than 7,700 houses and damaged 765 schools and 30 health care facilities. The emergency response will support a total of 12,000 persons in accessing safe water, sanitation and hygiene facilities, and will thereby reduce the risk of transmission of WASH-related diseases.

The project will:

  • repair and reconstruct damaged water sources
  • support construction of latrines at household level
  • distribute mosquito nets in affected communities
  • repair sanitary units in health care facilities
  • support local health authorities to respond to potential cholera outbreaks

How Helvetas Supports People in Mozambique

Helvetas has been active in Mozambique since 1979, supporting local communities in building wells and other potable water facilities as well as latrines.

Humanitarian Response

In recent years there has been a global rise in disasters. Earthquakes, droughts, floods and cyclones turn years of development progress to dust overnight.