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Engage with Sustainable Impact

Corporate social responsibility is not just a ‘good to have’ within the corporate sector. It actually goes a long way today in reflecting your ideas, beliefs, values and integrity of your business.
© Simon B. Opladen

Within the framework of your company, make a mark by reflecting your reliability and interest in corporate-social-responsibility related activities. Highlight your commitment towards ethics and sustainability to create a better world.

As your trusted partner, Helvetas guarantees you professional and effective impact – with pride!

Here’s how some of our corporate clients get involved:

Geberit sponsored the visit of Swiss Plumbers to Nepal. Not only was this an exchange of skills and working methods, but also a cultural learning and understanding between the people of the two nations.

Interested to create a positive impact?

Customizable offers to fit your vision

Based on the extent and terms of your involvement, we can integrate your expression of interest in corporate-social responsibility with the projects and programs we engage in. Our engagement ranges from providing basic needs (food, water and shelter) to education and skill development, and climate change.

Together, we can explore the many possibilities that your company can and engage in. Make the world a better place and do your bit to highlight the values and integrity of your company!

Your Corporate Partner
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Corporate Partnerships
Susanne Schmidheiny

A glimpse at some of our customizable offers

Donations instead of gifts

Presents make you feel good. A good deed makes you feel at peace. With a Christmas donation customized to your requirements, make your customers, partners and employees aware of your meaningful and sustainable commitment towards society.

Donate as a company

Make an impact as a company with your social commitment and improve the quality of life of the disadvantaged people in our partner countries. Not only will your action impact lives positively, it will also bring you the goodwill of other collaborative partners and general public and speak about your work ethics.

Cause-connected marketing

Link your product sales with your corporate donations to Helvetas. Your buyers feel good about your fantastic products. In addition, they get a sense of satisfaction, in the knowledge that by purchasing something from your company, they are directly contributing to a bigger cause.

Matching gifts

Encourage your employees and customers to donate to a cause that can make an impact on the basic needs in life, education and skills or the climate. Let them decide what they want to contribute to and how much. Match up their donation – and watch the change you create together in your personal and professional capacities!

Together, we can enable impact that brings about a positive change!

Whether it’s about bringing permanent access to clean drinking water and improved public health, or about enabling young girls and women to pursue their dreams for schooling, vocational education and better job perspectives, or taking charge of the global climate concern; together we can make the world a better place for all.  

With your support, we can lay the foundations for a self-determined life of dignity for the disadvantaged people across the 30 countries we work in.

It would be our pleasure to work with your company to find the commitment that fits your vision and your values with our mission and competence.

Benefits that Helvetas offers

  • Individual consulting for the different partnership possibilities
  • Provision of pictures and supporting informative material for your publications
  • Background information and insider knowledge from our areas of work and expertise
  • Effective and efficient resources and professional project implementation
  • Transparent annual reporting system
  • Offer to mention your collaboration (in accordance with our partnership agreement and your wishes) in our annual report and other publications


Join us in our efforts to make the world a sustainable and better place! Your every collaboration and contribution will go a long way in making a positive impact!

Connect with us at: Susanne.schmidheiny@helvetas.org