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Sustainable and Inclusive Economies

Sustainable agriculture, food security, and development of market systems are core elements of Helvetas’ work
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Inclusive and sustainable growth is crucial for enabling people to escape the vicious cycle of poverty. Every year, Helvetas supports up to 1,000,000 poor and disadvantaged people to sustainably produce more crops and to better market their products and services.

Why sustainable and inclusive economies matter

The conviction that economic growth inevitably reduces poverty and inequality has been proven wrong. Over the past decade, the world’s leadership acknowledged the need for more proactive approaches to ensure that growth benefits everyone.

After the world has experienced several crises in the recent years, we explore and use innovative approaches to boost sustainable and inclusive growth.

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«Most of us have no land of our own. But since we’ve been using the Mohana riverbed in the dry season, even us landless folks can sell vegetables.»

Rupa Chaudhary (24), a riverbed farmer and beneficiary of the project, is planning to send her two small children to a good school

Our work

Helvetas empowers the poor and disadvantaged to improve their livelihoods and incomes. We promote and advocate for production and consumption systems that ensure food security and sustainable use of natural resources. We collaborate with the private sector to promote inclusive and sustainable market systems.

In the past five years, over 4,000,000 people have learned more efficient and sustainable production and marketing methods with the help of Helvetas.

Our Expertise

Helvetas focuses on sustainable agriculture, food security, value chain facilitation and inclusive finance. Our multilingual Sustainable and Inclusive Economies team provides advisory services both to Helvetas and external clients.

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Multimedia Story: Where Tea Grows on Trees

The small farmers supported by Helvetas had better not be afraid of heights when it comes to picking tea leaves up in the trees. 

Selected Projects: Sustainable and Inclusive Economies

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Mali Private Sector Development

Dynamizing Agriculture for the Youth

© Helvetas / Patrick Rohr
Laos Private Sector Development

Good Tea Fetches Good Prices

© Helvetas / Simon B. Opladen
Nepal Private Sector Development

Riverbed Vegetables

Tanzania Private Sector Development

Grain Post-harvest Loss Prevention (GPLP)

Vietnam_Biotrade_Woman | © Helvetas
Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar Private Sector Development

Ethical Trade in Botanicals

© Helvetas
Kyrgyzstan Private Sector Development

Creating Jobs to Escape Poverty

© Helvetas / Patrick Rohr
Bosnia-Herzegovina, Eastern Europe Private Sector Development

Making Markets and Jobs

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Bangladesh Private Sector Development

A healthy diet for women and children

© Helvetas / Simon B. Opladen
Bolivia Private Sector Development

Protecting the Primeval Forest with Cacao

© Helvetas / Flurina Rothenberger
Benin Private Sector Development

Training and Inspiration for Young Farmers

Albania, Eastern Europe Private Sector Development

Making Markets Work for the Youth

International bloggers visited Kyrgyzstan | © Helvetas
Kyrgyzstan Private Sector Development

Sustainable Winter Tourism Development Project

Vietnam, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Laos, India Partnership and Capacity Development

Value Chain Capacity Building Network

Tanzania Private Sector Development

Climate-Smart Organic Cotton

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India WASH & Water Governance

Fair and Good – for People and Planet

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Vietnam Private Sector Development

Swiss Import Promotion Program

© Helvetas/Singye Wangchuk
Global Private Sector Development

Networking for Employment and Income

Global Private Sector Development

Postharvest Management in Sub-Saharan Africa

Bangladesh Private Sector Development

Disability Inclusion in Bangladesh

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Eastern Europe, Moldova Private Sector Development

Strong Markets for Empowered Moldova

Kyrgyzstan Private Sector Development

Sustainable Tourism Strengthens People and Nature

Tanzania Private Sector Development

Save Safe Food Project-Hifadhi Nafaka Salama (SSF)