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Teachers from Mecufi are trained in prevention of COVID-19

More than 200 teachers were trained in the district of Mecufi, province of Cabo-Delgado, in the prevention of COVID-19.
FROM: Graça Ricardo – 31. March 2021
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School at Mecufi | © Graça Ricardo
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In view of the return to classes, the primary level teachers received from the facilitator Avelino Diquissone, basic instructions that they should pass on to their students, and the communities where they live.

The main objective of this training is that, at the end of the training, the participants are able to: manage the teaching and learning process, complying with all the preventive measures, oriented to prevent contamination (distance, hygiene, and the correct use of the mask), at the same time the teachers are able to carry out continuous awareness sessions for the students.

The participants had access to some formulas on how to prepare homemade solutions to disinfect hands, surfaces, and objects to prevent the spread of the disease. The training included a practical demonstration of how the hand washing process works.

Although enthusiastic about the training, in particular the knowledge acquired, some teachers, now have a great challenge in implementing the techniques learned, with their students, due to the situations that each teaching institution presents.

School at Mecufi | © Graça Ricardo
Washing Hands Demonstration © Graça Ricardo
Antonio Sebastião, Teacher | © Graça Ricardo
Antonio Sebastião, Teacher © Graça Ricardo

“The school where I teach has no drinking water”

António Sebastião, a teacher at Monge elementary school, reacted as follows: "The training was important and necessary, but at the moment, we have the challenge of the lack of water in the school where I teach, and this may create some inconvenience, but internally with the school staff we can find solutions that suit our reality"- said António

As educators there was a genuine interest from the participants to clear up all the doubts they had regarding the future relationship with the children in the classroom, especially the provision of first aid.

"In times of COVID-19, it is advisable that in case of suspicion of fever and cough, the child should be isolated to avoid possible contamination to other children. After isolation, the child should be taken immediately to the nearest health unit for medical diagnosis," said the facilitator.

Some teachers denoted having little information regarding the virus, and its forms of transmission and prevention, which is why, the training proved to be even more necessary for the target group.

Albertina Saide Teacher Mecufi | © Graça Ricardo
Albertina Saide, Teacher © Graça Ricardo

"I was surprised to learn the correct hand washing technique"

Albertina Saíde, a teacher at Milacuane Primary School, admitted that her knowledge about the disease was limited, but that with the training, she can learn everything she didn't know.

"I learned the correct use of the mask, positioning during rest time, and especially the correct washing of hands. Now I feel able to interact with my students and pass on what I learned here, so that the class process is safe for everyone," said Albertina.

One of the aspects emphasized to the participants of the training is that one preventive measure does not cancel out the others, that is, the preventive measures for COVID-19 must be complemented with each other, for satisfactory results in the fight against COVID-19.

Divided into 9 groups of 25-30 participants, the training considered current prevention measures, including social distancing, and the distribution of personal hand and surface disinfection and sanitization kits.

This training was conducted by HELVETAS and SolidarMed as part of the Swiss Solidarity funded Mecufi-Blue project. This project aims to support selected schools in Mecufi District to be ready to implement their classes despite COVID-19.


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© Graça Ricardo
School at Mecufi | © Graça Ricardo
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School at Mecufi | © Graça Ricardo
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