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Governance, Peace & Migration

Empowering citizens, promoting peaceful societies and fostering the positive effects of migration on development are key concerns of Helvetas.
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In many of the countries where Helvetas works, men and women are unable to claim their rights and participate actively in decision-making processes. Every year, Helvetas supports up to 350,000 men and women in claiming their civil rights.

Why governance and peace matter

About a quarter of the world’s population lives in fragile and conflict-prone countries. Millions of people are denied basic rights and services, such as protection from violence or access to water and education. They have no possibility to participate in processes or raise their voice on matters that directly affect their lives. More people than ever are on the move and migrate voluntarily, or are forced to do so, within their own country or abroad, with enormous development potential. For example, families left behind can start a new business thanks to remittances from abroad.

Our work

Helvetas works with local governments, civil society organizations, the private sector and citizens to promote effective and inclusive governance, peace and stability, and safer migration.

We support citizens in having a voice and engaging in decision- and policy-making. We strengthen the capacities of local governments to provide public services in a responsive, pro-poor and efficient manner. Our work is conflict-sensitive and we support peacebuilding, promoting acceptance and respect. We support the protection of the rights of migrants, minimizing risks and costs of migration, and maximizing its impact on local social and economic development.

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