Annual Report

3,617,631 people (1,700,658 women and 1,916,973 men) took their steps towards a better world in 2015 with the help of HELVETAS Swiss Inter cooperation. They built water supply systems and sanitation facilities; they worked together on suspension bridges and simple roads. They altered their production methods, and women farmers began to grow new products for market. They realised that it is possible to live together in peace and that government bodies are there to serve the whole community. These 3,617,631 people include all the women, men and children involved in projects that HELVETAS Swiss Intercooperation has carried out for SDC.
All these projects are only possible because of the support we receive from a great number of people and institutions. I would like to thank our 100,000 members and donors for standing by us to face up to the many global challenges and fight for greater equality. I am grateful to all the cantons and municipalities that have stuck to their commitment to development cooperation despite straitened financial circumstances. I would like to thank development institutions such as SDC, SECO and the Liechtenstein Development Service for their cooperation and constructive critical engagement with our work.

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