Project list

Basic education as a sustainable investment in Mali

Over half of Malian children do not complete their primary education. Girls in particular often stop going to school after a few years. By offering bridging arrangements for basic schooling and vocational training, HELVETAS gives ...

Community bakeries conserve scarce ground vegetation

The deforestation of hillsides in central Afghanistan is destroying the very basis of local livelihoods. Large quantities of wood are required if every family bakes its own bread. The community bakeries introduced by Helvetas Swiss ...

Civil Society support in Laos

The Laos Civil Society Support project aims to support and strengthen civil society at national and regional level through partnerships and capacity development as well as strengthening networks and alliances around specific topics.

Clean water and healthy schools in Guatemala

In the highlands of Guatemala, HELVETAS is building wells, small piped networks and latrines. It also trains local water committees responsible for operation and maintainence of the systems. The project focuses on rural communities ...

Improving livelihood strategies in Pakistan

The Livelihood Programme supports rural households in improving their livelihood strategies based on their potentials. Furthermore it aims to reduce their vulnerabilities caused by various factors such as natural disasters.