Project list

Community bakeries conserve scarce ground vegetation

The deforestation of hillsides in central Afghanistan is destroying the very basis of local livelihoods. Large quantities of wood are required if every family bakes its own bread. The community bakeries introduced by Helvetas Swiss ...

Civil Society support in Laos

The Laos Civil Society Support project aims to support and strengthen civil society at national and regional level through partnerships and capacity development as well as strengthening networks and alliances around specific topics.

Saving water through drip irrigation in Kyrgizstan

It isn’t just a drop in the ocean. In Kyrgyzstan, HELVETAS has been broadening people’s knowledge about agriculture and helping farmers to introduce water-saving irrigation techniques, increasing productivity and farmers’ income at ...

Enhancing citizen's engagement in Bangladesh

The project aims to make governance work for all segments of society. It therefore empowers the poor to claim their rights and entitlements, and to benefit from effective public services provided by the local governments in Rajshahi ...

Improving livelihood strategies in Pakistan

The Livelihood Programme supports rural households in improving their livelihood strategies based on their potentials. Furthermore it aims to reduce their vulnerabilities caused by various factors such as natural disasters.

Using sunlight to purify water in Vietnam

Many infants in Vietnam die of diarrhoeal diseases, while older children and adults also suffer from them. The main cause is contaminated drinking water. And yet there is a very simple method for ridding water of germs – and it uses ...

Riverbed Farming for the landless in Nepal

The number of landless and land-poor people in Nepal is high and increasing. The main objective of this project is to raise the income of these households. They are supported to engage in horticulture cultivation on the common lands ...

Prosperity for poor households in Bangladesh

The project called “Samriddhi”, which means ‘prosperity’ in Bangla, contributes to sustainable well-being and resilience of poor and extremely poor households through social and economic empowerment. The project is active in Rajshahi ...